NCLEX Test Taking Strategies


Taking NCLEX or other nursing board exams is a big step in the career of any nurse. These are some strategies that can help you pass the board exam. This strategies are important to know and have helped many nurses before.

1- Read the question and answers carefully—do not jump into conclusions or make wild guesses.


2- Look for keywords—Avoid answers with absolutes like always, never, all, every, only, must, except, none, or no.

Look For Keywords3- Don’t read into the question—Never assume anything that has not been specifically mentioned and don’t add extra meaning to the question.

keep-calm-and-stop-over-analyzing4- Eliminate answers that are clearly wrong or incorrect—to increase your probability of selecting the correct answer!

5- Watch for grammatical inconsistencies—Subjects and verbs should agree. If the question is an incomplete sentence, the correct answer should complete the question in a grammatically correct manner.

6- Rephrase the question—putting the question into your own words can pluck the unneeded info and reveal the core of the stem.

7- Make an educated guess—if you can’t make the best answer for a question after carefully reading it. Choose the answer with the most information.

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