7 things that make a woman look beautiful and sexy

beautiful lady
beautiful lady

Many women think that the secret of beauty lies in a bag filled with makeup. The main responsible for this belief is the media, whose message is simple: to be beautiful and sexy, buy such a product or such overpriced clothing. Yet these 7 things worth all the world’s artifices …

1. Passion

A woman without passion is often boring. When a woman neglects what makes her happy, she starts to live a dull life.
When you see someone who pursues his dreams and lives wonderful experiences, this flow of energy reaches you and makes you want to live the same passion. That is why women who have passion are desired.

2. Feelings and emotions

A cold woman gives the impression that she only loves herself, then who would want her? If a woman can not have feelings for others, it is an obstacle to others to have feelings for her. A woman who is able to give and receive love is more desirable than a heart of stone.

3. Intelligence

In our culture, one of the most popular myths is that a beautiful woman is not smart. This stereotype implies therefore that an intelligent woman can not be beautiful. Beyond these meaningless considerations, knowledge gives power and sex appeal, and its quest is also attractive to others.

4. Amusement and fun spirit

Who would want to date a person who is unable to relax and have fun? It is much better to have a funny woman around you.

5. Perseverance

Nothing is more attractive than a woman who refuses to give up. Perseverance has no connection with the control, but with the need to fight, and never give up.

6. Confidence

It is not about being noticed soon as you arrive somewhere, but to be proud of your appearance, your words and your thoughts. Women who have confidence in themselves do not need the opinions and the compliments of others to feel better.

7. Energy

A woman who loves life is full of vitality and energy. When a woman follows her passion, shows her feelings, seeks knowledge, has a sense of adventure, refuses to give up and trusts herself, then her energy will be the spark that lights everything and everyone around her.

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