6 types of obesity and 6 tips for weight loss

Six types of obesity
Six types of obesity

Science has discussed and defined 6 types of obesity caused by different factors. It is up to you to find yourself in one of the following groups in order to consider appropriate tips for weight loss.

1. Obesity caused by food

This type of obesity is the most common in the world. It occurs because of an excessive intake of sugars and bad fat.

Solution :

To solve your problem, make changes in your diet by reducing the amount of food intake, completely removing sugar and by exercising at least half an hour a day.

2. Obesity generated by a “nervous stomach”

This type of obesity is caused by stress, anxiety and depression. It is proved that people who suffer from these diseases have a higher consumption of sweets.

Solution :

The best thing to do is to control your stress and get rid of it with physical activity.

3.Obesity related to gluten

This type of obesity is more common in women approaching menopause and those who suffer from the yo-yo effect (cyclical loss and gain of weight).

Solution :

The most important thing is to avoid prolonged sitting, smoking and alcohol. Also, Practice exercises with weights.

4. Metabolic obesity

People who have a swollen stomach like a balloon accumulate fat in this part of the body. People who consume alcohol or have psychological or respiratory problems are the most affected ones by this type of obesity.

5. Obesity caused by the venous circulation

This condition is primarily hereditary. It occurs during pregnancy and in people who suffer from swollen legs.

Solution :

To remedy this, we must do exercises like running or climbing stairs.

6. Obesity from inactivity

This type of obesity affects the body parts that were active and are no longer so.

Solution :

The key to remove these fat deposits is not to starve yourself for long periods because the body can speed up metabolism and burn quickly.


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