20 Important Tips For NCLEX and Nursing Exams Questions


These are 20 Important Tips to help you chose the correct answer when dealing with NCLEX or other nursing exams questions :

1- Never choose an answer that leaves the patient: Always provide safety.

2- Don’t “do nothing.”: Because you always have to do something.

3- Don’t read into the question: Never assume anything that has not been specifically mentioned and don’t add extra meaning to the question.


4- Don’t pass the buck: Never choose an answer that passes work off to anyone else.

5- If you see an option you have never heard of, do not choose it: It’s like a signal from your brain that that is not the correct answer.

6- When choosing which patient to see first, choose the patient who is the most unstable: Patients who are most likely to perish, most critical, or will suffer further injury without immediate action should be prioritized first.

7- Always assume the NCLEX hospital has unlimited staff, equipment, and resources: Know that health care facilities in the NCLEX are always ideal.

8- Restraints are always the last option: and are almost always the wrong answer.

9- Choose the least invasive choice first: Issues concerning airway, breathing, or circulation should be addressed first, then move to choose the least invasive procedures (e.g., change of position,therapeutic communication with the patient).

10- Never choose an answer that delays treatment: These distractors do not coincide to safe and effective nursing care.

11- Assess the client first, before implementing a treatment: If there’s a choice that pertains to assessment of the patient, choose that answer.

12- Find a commonality between the choices if you encounter a question which you are unfamiliar with: If two or more answers are alike, choose the option that is different.

13- If the question includes the words “severe” or “acute” when referring to something such as pain, choose the answer that fixes that specific problem.

14- If the question is about endorsement, always report anything new or different to the next shift.

15- In general, put clients with the same or similar diagnoses in the same room.

16- After comprehending the question, decide what is the problem then pick answer that you can do as a nurse to solve it.

17- Select an answer that is focused on the client.

18- Answer select all that apply (SATA) questions as a true or false. Go down the list of choices one by one and ask yourself if the choice answers the question.

19- Rephrase the question. Putting the question in your own words can pluck the necessary info to reveal the core of the stem.

20- Make educated guesses. If you can’t make the best answer for a particular question, give it a guess. The board exams is not a “right minus wrong” type. It is important for you to answer every question even if you have to guess.


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