Nursing Diagnosis: Constipation


Nanda Nursing Diagnosis: Constipation


Decrease in normal frequency of defecation accompanied by difficult or incomplete passage of stool and/or passage of excessively hard, dry stool.

Defining Characteristics:

  • Dry and hard feaces.
  • Difficult passage of feaces.
  • May be complete absence of peristaltic movements.
  • Headache.
  • General body weakness.
  • Feeling of pain on stool passage.
  • Color of feaces may be darker.
  • Mass in the abdomen may be felt.

Related Factors:

  • Any injury to spinal cord.
  • Low level of liquid intake.
  • Long term use of purgatives.
  • Increased weight.
  • Lack of physical activity.
  • Low intake of fibers diet.
  • Discomfort of abdominal region.
  • Mental status disturbance.

Nursing outcomes:

  • Normal peristaltic movements of bowel.
  • Stool should be soft and easy to pass.
  • Abdominal pain or any discomfort should be treated.
  • Absence of pressure during passage of feaces.

Nursing Intervention and rationale:

  • Daily liquid intake must be encouraged.

Rationale: Liquid intake makes stool soft and easy to pass from intestine to outside.

  • Lifestyle changes such as quitting narcotic drugs.

Rationale: Narcotic drugs cause slow peristalsis.

  • Provide complete privacy to patient to pass stool.

Rationale: As lack of closed bathrooms promotes constipation.

  • Diet rich in fibers.

Rationale: Fiber diet promotes movement of bowel in intestine.

  • Provide enema and purgatives.

Rationale: To promote passage of stools.

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